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Ferris Wheel Books for Adults


  • The Great Wheel: This interesting book centers around the construction of the original Ferris Wheel, built for the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. One of my personal favorite Ferris wheel books.
  • The View from the Ferris Wheel: The View from the Ferris Wheel is the journey of a courageous girl who chooses to follow her feet, and in doing so transpires upon family, friends, and a new found home amongst the disarray.
  • The London Eye Mystery by Siobahn Dowd: (Young Adult) While their mothers have coffee, Ted and his older sister, Kat, and their cousin, Salim, decide to ride the London Eye, an observation wheel that allows those locked in the glass-and-steel capsules to see 25 miles in every direction but one of them disappears during the ride.


  • Ferris Wheels: An Illustrated History: This book is the ultimate authority on Ferris Wheels. The history of Ferris Wheels is comprehensive and has copious footnotes.
  • Observation Wheels: Guide to the World’s Largest Ferris Wheels: The race to build the largest observation wheel is on! Ferris wheels have been around for over one hundred years but have only just recently begun climbing to new heights. The classic Ferris wheel can be found towering over almost every amusement park and carnival midway. Today, these giant, high tech observation wheels are becoming status symbols for cities around the world. The race to build the biggest is heating up. Who invented the Ferris wheel? How do they work? Where are the most unique Ferris wheels found? Observation Wheels: Guide to the World’s Largest Ferris Wheels answers all of these questions and more, including details on more than 60 of the world’s most unique giant wheels.


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