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Want to know what the world’s┬álargest observation wheel is? How about the most expensive? Highest capacity? Scroll down our list of current record holders to find out!

World’s Largest Observation Wheel and Other World Records

Tallest Operating Observation Wheel in Total Height
1 Singapore Flyer 165m (541ft)
2 Star of Nanchang 160m (525ft)
3 London Eye 135m (443ft)
4 Suzhou Ferris Wheel 120m (394ft)
5 Tianjin Eye 120m (394ft)
Tallest Planned/Under Construction Wheel in Total Height
1 The Dubai Eye 210m (690ft)
2 Beijing Great Wheel 208m (692ft)
3 New York High Wheel 192m (630ft)
4 High Roller 167m (550ft)
5 SkyVue 152m (500ft)
Biggest Operating Observation Wheel in Diameter
1 Star of Nanchang 153m (504ft)
2 Singapore Flyer 150m (492ft)
3 London Eye 120m (394ft)
4 Star of Lake Tai 111m (364ft)
5 Diamond and Flower 111m (364ft)
Most Expensive Observation Wheels - Planned and Operating
1 The Dubai Eye $337 million USD
2 New York Wheel $300 million USD
3 SkyVue $300 million USD
4 Beijing Great Wheel $290 million USD
5 Jeddah Eye $250 million USD
6 Singapore Flyer $180 million USD
7 London Eye $113 million USD
8 The Southern Star $100 million USD
9 Enclosed Ferris Wheel $90 million USD
10 Orlando Eye $90 million USD
Highest Observation Wheel THRC
1 Great Wheel 4800
2 Eye of the Emirates 3360
3 Moscow-850 2743
4 Chicago Wheel 2160
5 Navy Pier Ferris Wheel 2057
Most Number of Gondolas
1 Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel 68
2 Daikanransha 64
3 Star of Lake Tai 64
4 Harbin Ferris Wheel 63
5 Shanghai Ferris Wheel 63
6 Cosmo Clock 21 60
7 Star of Nanchang 60
8 Suzhou Ferris Wheel 60
9 Tempozan Ferris Wheel 60
10 Eye on Malaysia (2) 54

*Please note, these records represent only the observation wheels for which data is present. Therefore, this list in reality may not be 100% accurate due to missing information.

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