Shining Flower Wheel

Name Shining Flower Wheel
Height 50m (164.04ft)
Diameter 45m (147.64ft)
Opened 1966
Country Japan
Location Inagi; Tokyo
Number of Cabins 32
Passengers per Cabin 2
Seating Capacity 64
Hourly Capacity 349
Ride Duration (minutes) 11
Climate Controlled
Construction Cost Unknown
Status Operating
Number of Turns (Rotations) Per Ride
VIP Area
Ticket Cost to Ride 4.97
Official Website

Additional Notes: View of Mount Fuji. The Shining Flower Wheel opened on 1966 in Inagi; Tokyo, Japan. The observation wheel is 164.04 feet tall. There are 32 cabins capable of holding up to 2 people at one time resulting in a seating capacity of 64 passengers. The duration of the ride is 11 minutes, resulting in a total capacity of 349 people per hour.

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